3 Guys I would Like to have Night Stands With

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3 Guys I would Like to have Night Stands With

I have always been into one nights stands, and sometimes I even dream about have one night stands with celebs. A couple of my girlfriends at https://charlotteaction.org/ealing-escorts Ealing escorts say that it is not really healthy but I cannot help. I love thinking about sex and making up fantasy scenarios in my own head. Most of them are never going to happen, but I think it is the “what if” factor that turns me on more than anything. It could happen, and you never know who is going to be knocking on your door.


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Prince was my dream guy. The first time I saw his video When Doves Cry, I went totally nuts and I felt this sensation that I just had to have him. Of course, he is gone now and we will never be able to get together. Still, I think about him a lot and I would have loved for us to meet. Like I have said to the girls at the agency, he looks like such a raw animal and I would have loved to enjoyed his company.

The other guys who turns me on like mad is Harrison Ford. I know that he is getting on a bit now, but I am not the only girl at Ealing escorts who gets turned on by him. I often wonder what he would like in bed. One of the girls here at Ealing escorts believes that he would be amazing in bed. A bit gentle but rough at the same time, I would really like that, and I would of course have to make sure that he had his Han Solo uniform available. That would be such a turn on.

Russell Watson is a singer who really gives me the horn. I know that he is happily married men, but whenever I look at him, I would just like to rip his clothes off. It could be his voice, I could imagine him singing to me, and that really turns me on. Sometimes I just listen to him singing and I know that I must have. I have a couple of Russell Watson songs on my iPad, and I love to have them on when I am spending with another guy. It goes without saying that I imagine that my lover is Russell Watson.

Is this kind of behaviour healthy? Most of the girls that I work with at Ealing escorts have some sort of sexual fantasy. I don’t worry about all of this too much. These are just fantasies that may never come true, and I suppose that is what makes them exciting. A couple of the girls at Ealing escorts have dated celebs and they say that they are rather boring. I would say that I would be rather devastated if any of these guys turned out to be boring. Perhaps it is best to leave them to my imagination, and not worry about dating them too much. I am pretty certain that none of them are ever going to visit Ealing, but then again, they may have heard about Ealing escorts….


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