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A Lack of Sex Ed May Impact How Some College Students Practice Consent, Research Says
Despite the current landscape, in which sex education is patchy at best and sexual assault and harassment is still being written off as "teenage hijinks" or "locker-room talk" despite the #MeToo movement, Hirsch says she's hopeful that meaningful

The Atlantic

The Puberty Book Embraced By Preteens, Parents, and Sex Educators Alike
The Atlantic
She believes it helped pave the way for books like The Girls' Guide to Sex Education, a question-and-answer book published earlier this year, and Puberty Girl, another illustration-heavy guide to growing up. Alberda also recommends HelloFlo: The Guide, …

National Review

Obama-Era Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Remains Ineffective
National Review
Earlier this month, the Department of Health and Human Services announced it would reverse course and continue funding grants for groups participating in the Obama administration's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP). During the … Countless

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Sexual morals have changed drastically since the Victorian era in England and the 1950s here in America. Internet porn constitutes over 60 percent of internet traffic today on the World Wide Web to such an extent that porn sites get more hits than sites like Netflix. If you look at the top books list on ..
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