Defining deviant sexual behavior is often difficult nowadays

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Defining deviant sexual behavior is often difficult nowadays

Sexual morals have changed drastically since the Victorian era in England and the 1950s here in America. Internet porn constitutes over 60 percent of internet traffic today on the World Wide Web to such an extent that porn sites get more hits than sites like Netflix. If you look at the top books list on Online Store, you’ll see over 3,000 entries for the Kama Sutra. This does not include the 3,341 sexual self-help books, 10,000 or so sexual position manuals, or 10,156 adult toys you can also buy from online stores says Kensington Escorts.


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America is a melting pot of different ethnic, cultural, and religious traditions. We are still affected today by the actions of the free-love generation of the 1960s, and our attitudes are continuing to evolve, which has culminated in the legalization of same-sex marriage, a custom that is now considered normal for legal purposes. But there is still one issue that is rarely mentioned and that is compulsive sexual behavior. The popularity of this condition is increasing across America, and it often culminates in death or psychological damage to victims of those who cannot control their sexual behavior says Kensington Escorts.


One might argue that this is a direct result of the 1960s and the perceived “moral degeneration of society.” Before you shake your head, know that there may actually be some truth to this. However, people in our society need to be protected from those who exhibit these behaviors, folks who either do not care about the results of their actions or who are unable to curb their sexual appetites and practices. Psychology is still grappling with the causes behind compulsive sexual behavior. Law enforcement, particularly the FBI’s BAU unit, has developed profiling techniques which, as a potential screening mechanism, can be used during the early stages of a person’s development in order to identify signs that they may exhibit these tendencies later on in life.


Identification is the first step in treating these folks, and counseling, therapy, or isolation for those who are more dangerous are necessary actions to take in order to protect a society. We are assailed on all fronts by terrorism, crime, and drugs, and compulsive sexual behavior has been shown to be a major factor involved with many of the serial killings and mass murders that have occurred in this country over the years, dating as far back as the Jack the Ripper killings in the 1800s.


Most especially, children, women, and the elderly should be protected from those who suffer from deviant behavior, and special attention should be paid to universities as well, where crimes relating to sexually compulsive behavior often run rampant. One need only look at the Green River killings, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer for examples of those whose sexual compulsions led them to ultimately harm others. The number of cases involving sexual compulsion is rising at an alarming rate in this country, and some form of screening must be implemented in order to bring that number significantly down.


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