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My Top Sex Tips

It can be easy to start handing out sex tips to your friends, but it is not always a good idea. Some of the gents that I date at London escorts say that they have taken sex tips from their friends but it has often gone wrong. I am always very careful. If you want to hand out sex tips, you should before speak to both parties concerned. After all, we all have different sexual needs and one bit of advice may not suit the other. That is something that I have learned since joining Charlotte London escorts.

Getting in the mood is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve when it comes to sex. One of the gents that I meet up with at Charlotte action escorts about once a week, says that he can never catch his wife in the mood. I am not surprised really. Ever since I have been dating him at Charlotte action escorts, he cannot stop talking about his kids. He seems to be more interested in his kids than his wife. I am sure that if he spent some more time with his wife, and focused on her, she would soon get in the mood.

Another gent that I have been seeing for the last year here at Charlotte action escorts complains that his wife does not like to kiss him. Do you know what, I can understand where she is coming from. He smokes too much and on top of that he likes to drink. When he comes to see me at London escorts, he either smells like an ashtray or a wine bottle. That would put me off as well. It would do his health no harm at all if he cut back on his drinking and smoking. One thing is for sure, it would certainly improve his sex life.

Keeping clean is important when it comes to enjoying sex. Don’t for one moment think that rushing home and straight to bed is an option. I love my boyfriend, but I don’t like it when he wants to jump my bones as soon as he comes home from work. When I come home from Charlotte London escorts, I always take a shower and make sure that I smell nice. I know it is easy to rush things but there is nothing so attractive as a clean person. I always shower when I work at Charlotte action escorts, and I think that it is a nice habit.

There are some really simple things that we should pay attention to when we want to enjoy sex with another person. As I have got a bit older, I have started to think about what truly makes a person sexy. There are numerous answers and none of them are really complicated. Of course, it is nice to go with the flow, but you can also miss out on a lot of fun when you try to rush things. Look after yourself, appreciate the person that you are with and you will have a really good sex life together. There is a lot more to sex than just achieving yet another orgasm.


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