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Sex Allegations at Work

The other day my brother phoned me up in a real state. He had been accused of sexual harassment at work. I was really shocked and my friend from Elephant and Castle escorts did not believe what she was hearing. She knows my brother really well and was pretty convinced that he is not capable of sexually harassing anybody. I thought it was all made up and I asked him to get some proof from the human resources department in his company.


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The sad thing was that my brother had been suspended from work. He could go in to find out what was going but I told him to hang fire until I had finished my shift at Elephant and Castle escorts. That afternoon we went into the bank he worked for and all eyes seemed to be on him. My brother was really upset so I asked the girl who headed up human resources to clarify what he had been accused of and provide evidence. She was a bit taken back but told me that my brother was accused by a group of women of making sexual comments towards them.

My brother said that he had not done such a thing. The girl said that the other party had insisted that he had done so. One of my dates at Elephant and Castle escorts is a lawyer and he had told me to get as much information as possible. My hands were shaking but I managed to open my diary and get ready to write down the accusations. I asked the girl for the date this had happened on. To my surprise, she could not answer me and mumbled something that she would ask the group of women.

I took a deep breath and asked to have my brother reinstated until she had found out evidence. After all, he had been sent home on this girl’s recommendation and I felt sure that something else was going. Turn yourself into a detective my date at Elephant and Castle escorts had said. I did not really feel like Miss Marple but I was getting really curious. Something was going on here and I was not sure that I liked it. The girl sitting in front of me was getting more and more uncomfortable and was beginning to go red faced.

As we were not getting anywhere, I decided that we would leave and put things in writing to the bank’s legal department. My friend at Elephant and Castle escorts helped me to draft the letter. Less than 48 hours later we had a letter back asking my brother to return to work. It turned out that my brother had been given a promotion a few weeks earlier. One of the girls in the group had wanted the job and decided to take revenge on my brother by falsely accusing him of harassment. It did not work out for her at all, and she ended up being the one that last her job.


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