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Sex and talking to children about it

Should we talk to children about sex? It is a difficult issue but common sense says that we should. They are surrounded by sex anyway.

Instead of avoiding the issue, it is better to be honest and upfront about it and it becomes less of a curiosity to kids.

Many London escorts are mothers as well as London escorts. London escorts are only too aware that sex is all around us, and many kids will just go and type in sex in a search engine to find out what it is. Like so many other London escorts, I would rather information came from me than from somebody else. Most London escorts that I know feel exactly the same way.

Things have changed

The question should be when to talk to your kids about sex? Say London escorts. Things have changed a lot and kids now be come curious about sex at an earlier age. What is very important is to be able to explain your child that they are not ready to have sex. A child should not be exposed to physical sex as this can lead to problems in later life, but the basic principle can be discussed. Unless, you look the bedroom door, your little angels might just want in on you having sex.

Sexy Music

Listening to and watching performers, London escorts say you will soon realise that many of the performers which market themselves to kids, do so by adding a bit of sex to the equation. They may dress in skimpy clothing, and even use some sexual words in their songs. Children will become curious, and wonder what it is all about.

More than likely they will not ask you, rather they will talk to their friends and you might just come in on the tail end of the discussion. The problem is that kids really don’t know what they are talking about, and it can make for a great deal of confusion.


Sometimes, you may find your child comes home from school and says that someone has made a comment they did not understand. It may not be of a sexual nature but sometimes it is. Explain to your child what it is, and also try to ensure that it isn’t something you want him or her involved.

My daughter told me that an older boy had asked her if she was hot “down there” the other day, and she had turned around and said she did not wish to talk to him. I was pretty proud of her as she had obviously understood what he was talking about, and rebuff at the same time.

Should teacher talk about sex? Yes, it is important to have sex education in schools but teachers should be trained to deal with the topic. Teachers should not be allowed to teach very young children about sex, that should be up to mom and dad. But once, they reach their teens, teachers should teach youngsters sex education. The message should be positive and matter of fact, emotional involvement never works when it comes to sex education.


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