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The London escorts on European girls

I have dated escorts all over the world, says Steve, and I have to be honest and say that I prefer dating London escorts. There is something really special about London escorts. The girls that I have met so far offer the perfect date, and can give that sort of genuine girlfriend experience. Okay, many European girls are very nice, but they sort of give a more professional experience, and sometimes it feels a bit false. I don’t like that at all, and it makes me feel like I am being taken advantage of, Italian escorts often make me feel like that.


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London escorts can also give you a very classy experience without it being over the top. When compared to Paris escorts, London escorts do not smoother you at all. A lot of girls that I have dated in Paris are sort of all over you all of the time, and that does nothing for you. I hate being out on a date in Paris with a girl hanging on my shoulder. They clearly think that is okay, and perhaps it is what French men expect, but that is not for me. It can actually completely ruin a date in my opinion.


I do a lot of business in German, so I have dated some German escorts. They can be quite fun to be with when you are outside in a bar on cheaper bar but once you get them on a personal basis, they are a bit too overbearing. London escorts can be bossy as well, but they are sort of bossy in a nice way. That is not a problem for me, but I don’t like girls who are too demanding, or trying to tell me what to do all of the time. I am certainly not a guy who would enjoy a dominatrix experience.


Spain is another area that I cover a lot, and I travel both to Madrid and Barcelona. I don’t know how to define Spanish escorts really, but they are very pushy. They are always trying to talk you into things that you may not want to do, and they say things like “just for a little bit extra we could…” That is not okay, andLondon escorts don’t do that. Once you have paid for a date with London escorts, you know exactly what you are going to get, I much prefer that.


All in all, I prefer dating London escorts, and I must admit that I date quite a few London escorts when I am back home. It is nice to be able to go out with a girl who has the same traditions as you do. Most of the London escorts that I do date, are English roses, and that is fine by me. I also date some hot Indian escorts in London, as I think they give you such a sensual experience. Would I date in the United States? I don’t know but I might try on my next visit, the girls do seem a bit raunchy though…


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