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Dating hot blondes in Upton park is now my favorite past time. I have always dated escorts, but since moving to Upton Park in London, I have discovered blonde Upton Park escorts from http://cityofeve.com/upton-park-escorts. They are perhaps the hottest blondes on the planet, and they seriously get me in the mood for some sexy companionship.

At the moment I am dating two Upton Park escorts on a regular basis. I suppose I shouldn’t really share this information with you but the two hot Upton Park escorts that I date at the moment are the most open minded girls that I have ever met. They are not only sexy but they have some of the most awesome fetish collection that I have come across.

Normally, escorts don’t talk about that sort of thing with you but these two Upton Park escorts are not your average escorts. They are much more open minded than any other escorts that I have met across London.

There are quite a few Upton Park escorts agencies in this part of the world now, but not all of them are that great. I have a favorite agency that I use, and they only use legit escorts. Many of the escorts agencies here are owned by foreigners, and some of the girls who are employed by these agencies look very young. It worries me, and myself and other gents boycott them as we don’t think it is right.

We have reported a couple of them but for some reason or another, they still seem to be in business. However, the agency that I use is totally legit and offer the most stunning blondes.


Angela is one of my favorite blonde escorts here in Upton park. She is one of the most liberal minded ladies that I have ever met in my entire life, and she seems to be able to take on anything. She has a thing about dressing up as a French made, and tickle you with her dusters but I don’t mind. Angela can tickle me all she likes, and I will just let her carry on pleasing herself. It gives me enormous satisfaction to see her completely turned on, and that is what I get my kicks from.

Before I dated Angela, I dated a hot Brazilian blonde but she moved to another part of London. It was a shame but I hate leaving Upton Park, and I am happy with the range of escorts services available.


Joelina is another hot blonde that I date. It is quite tough to get a date with her as she works as a calendar girl during the day. If, you buy one if the fancy calendars such as the Pirelli calendar, you may have a come across Joelina. It goes without saying that she is dropped dead gorgeous, and this hot bit of stuff will never fail to please any man who arranges a date with her.

If you would like to arrange a date with any of the girls and escorts in Upton Park, make sure that you deal with a good quality agency which only offers a legit service.


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