Who are the biggest customers of London escorts?

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Who are the biggest customers of London escorts?

London escorts like http://cityofeve.com always seem to be busy but who out there in this big wide world of ours use London escort services more frequently than others. I thought that would make an interesting little project so I sent a questionnaire around the leading escorts agencies in town. My attention was to publish the figures so that we could finally get some more date about the gents who enjoy spending time with the hottest girls in town. After all, many authorities seem to be reluctant to acknowledge that they even exist and I find that kind of sad in a way.

London escorts deserve some respect and acknowledgement. After all they provide a good service to the community and many of them are genuine tax payers. A lot of politicians and local authority figures seem to be a bit embarrassed about the London adult entertainment industry but I do wonder how many of them use it on a regular basis. I have often heard London girls talk about dating persons of influence and I wonder who these people might be. Are they are favorite politicians or are they top business people. That is what I was hoping my personal survey would find out.

There are a lot of stories going around that London escorts date quite a lot of politicians. I am personally not so sure how true they are but I suspect there must be some truth to them. We all know that many politicians are in love with themselves and they would be the kind of people who think that dating escorts would be cool. The only problem is that London escorts will not tell us what politicians they date but the percentage is said to be around 15%. I am sure that if you looked to other parts of the world, you would discover than many politicians enjoy dating escorts.

Another firm favorite with London escorts are international business men from all over the world. They are said to be the best tippers and a lot of London girls date them on a regular basis. According to the figures from my recent survey, it shows that over 70% of dates come from the international business community here in London. Many of the business men who date escorts in London do so on a regular basis and the girls have their own favorite guys like to meet up with as much as possible.

That means the final 15 percent is made up out of local guys and average boys who like to meet up with London escorts every so often. It seems that escorts in places like North London date more regular guys than other areas of London. It must almost be like a little treat for them and they perhaps enjoy the London escort service on the weekend. Dating on a regular basis is pretty much evenly spread out over London, and most areas report an increase in business over the last year. Perhaps the economy is improving after all here in London.


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