Can you have too much of anything?

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Can you have too much of anything?

The other night when I came off my London escorts shift, I ended up having a funny five minutes. Normally I want to take a shower straight away, but this evening, I ended up clearing out my wardrobe. Yes, I was exhausted after London escorts, but I was having the day off the next day so I went for it. Earlier that evening I had spent half an hour looking for one particular dress. I knew that it was in there somewhere, but I could not find it for the life of me. I know that I am not the most organised girl at London escorts, but this was beyond me. How could I have lost a dress I used to wear on London escorts dates so easily?

Anyway, as I stood there going through all of my shoes and clothes, I realised one thing – you can have too much of something. I did not need all of these clothes at London escorts, and the shoes – well, some of them were still in boxes. It was honestly too much and I had to do something about it.The next morning after a good sleep, it dawned on me that it is true what they say. You honestly only wear 10% of clothes. Why do we have so many? Did you know that the average Brit buys 26 kilos of clothes every year? Mind you, I am pretty sure that most of the girls at London escorts who work at this fantastic adult website probably buy a lot more clothes, and I am certainly guilty of that. My friends at London escorts know I have a bit of shoe fetish and can’t resist a pair of nice heels.

To my shock and horror, I counted 54 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe. It was clearly about time to clear stuff and get rid at least some of my stuff. Taking it all down to the local charity shop was one option, but I had spent rather a lot of money on my clothes. After a lot of dithering, and speaking to one of my friends at London escorts who is a successful “carbooter” as they like to say, I agreed to have a stall the following weekend. I was convinced my friend would laugh at me, but I really needed to dejunk my wardrobe. Some of the stuff I had not worn in the year.

A couple of weeks later I finally managed to join my London escorts at a car boot sale. Some of the clothes and shoes were really good and I had put rather high prices on them. I had not really expected them to sell so well, but to my surprise, I managed to find new homes for most of my clothes. When I counted the money up at the end of the day, I realised I had enough money for a new winter coat and that rather lovely sofa I had seen in a shop.

Will I be more careful with how I spend my money in the future? I will indeed, and from now, I will be a regular “ carbooter” when I don’t need something. It clearly puts a little bit of extra money in my pocket.


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